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Duran Duran  Big Thing Vinyl Album

Duran Duran Big Thing Vinyl Album

LP 140g black vinyl


Pre Order 19th July


Big Thing - The band continued to explore different styles and culminated in Big Thing which was released in 1988. The album was a reflection on the musical climate which was changing towards the late 80s and had a more experimental and electronic approach compared to earlier Duran releases.

Duran Duran Big Thing Vinyl Album

  • Side 1

    1. Big Thing

    2. I Don't Want Your Love

    3. All She Wants Is

    4. Too Late Marlene

    5. Drug (It's Just a State of Mind)


    Side 2

    1. Do You Believe in Shame?

    2. Palomino

    3. Interlude One

    4. Land

    5. Flute Interlude

    6. The Edge of America

    7. Lake Shore Driving


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