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Duran Duran Notorious  Vinyl Album

Duran Duran Notorious Vinyl Album

LP 140g black vinyl


Pre Order 19th July


Notorious - Notorious signified a musical change for Duran in 1986. Produced by Nile Rodgers, it focuses on brassy numbers and Chic inspired dance rock. Over time, it has become a cult favourite of fans for the more mature compositions and sophisticated directions. It was the first album to feature the band as a trio with the departure of Roger and Andy Taylor.

Duran Duran Notorious Vinyl Album

  • Side 1

    1. Notorious

    2. American Science

    3. Skin Trade

    4. A Matter of Feeling

    5. Hold Me

    Side 2


    1. Vertigo (Do the Demolition)

    2. So Misled

    3. Meet El Presidente

    4. Winter Marches On

    5. Proposition

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