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Duran Duran Rio Vinyl Album

Duran Duran Rio Vinyl Album

LP 140g black vinyl


Pre Order 19th July


Rio - Duran's second album, Rio, was released in 1982 following the success of their debut album. Rio electrified the already-rising 'second British invasion', dominating the American charts with singles such as 'Rio', 'Hungry Like The Wolf' and 'Save a Prayer'. All of which remain as some of Duran's biggest streaming songs to this day.

Duran Duran Rio Vinyl Album

  • Side 1


    1. Rio

    2. My Own Way

    3. Lonely in Your Nightmare

    4. Hungry Like the Wolf

    5. Hold Back the Rain


    Side 2

    1. New Religion

    2. Last Chance on the Stairway

    3. Save a Prayer

    4. The Chauffeur

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