Johnny Cash Vs Bob Dylan The Singer And The Song Vinyl Album

Johnny Cash Vs Bob Dylan The Singer And The Song Vinyl Album

Format: 2LP

Bar-code: 5060143491931

Cat No: NOT2LP193


The admiration these two legends had for each other was undeniable, they seldom met in the studio but are collected together here on 180g Gatefold vinyl. Enjoy the burgeoning talents of a soon to be icon contrasted with an established legend that was the man in black. Dylan may well be on a never ending tour and Cash never to grace another stage but they are forever preserved in this 32 track collection.

Johnny Cash Vs Bob Dylan The Singer And The Song Vinyl Album

  • LP1 SIDE 1

    1. Blowin’ In The Wind (Broadside Show, May 1962) – Bob Dylan
    2. In The Jailhouse Now – Johnny Cash
    3. Baby, Let Me Follow You Down – Bob Dylan
    4. Five Feet High and Rising – Johnny Cash
    5. Fixin’ To Die – Bob Dylan
    6. Busted – Johnny Cash
    7. In My Time Of Dyin’ – Bob Dylan
    8. I’m Free From The Chain Gang Now – Johnny Cash

    LP1 SIDE 2

    1. Delia’s Gone – Johnny Cash
    2. Mixed-Up Confusion – Bob Dylan
    3. Transfusion Blues – Johnny Cash
    4. Standing On The Highway (Folksinger’s Choice, 11th March, 1961) – Bob Dylan
    5. The Rebel – Johnny Yuma – Johnny Cash
    6. Talkin’ New York – Bob Dylan
    7. The Smiling Bill McCall – Johnny Cash
    8. House Of The Rising Sun – Bob Dylan

    LP2 SIDE 1

    1. Highway 51 – Bob Dylan
    2. Don’t Take Your Guns To Town – Johnny Cash
    3. Corrinna, Corrinna – Bob Dylan
    4. In Them Old Cottonfields Back Home – Johnny Cash
    5. He Was A Friend Of Mine (Riverside Church NYC, July 1961) – Bob Dylan
    6. Tennessee Flat-Top Box – Johnny Cash
    7. Freight Train Blues – Bob Dylan
    8. Frankie’s Man, Johnny – Johnny Cash

    LP2 SIDE 2

    1. I Walk The Line – Johnny Cash
    2. See That My Grave Is Kept Clean – Bob Dylan
    3. So Doggone Lonesome – Johnny Cash
    4. Sally Gal (Wnyc Radio Studio NYC 29 Oct 61) – Bob Dylan
    5. Girl In Saskatoon – Johnny Cash
    6. The Death Of Emmett Till (Broadside Show, May 1962) – Bob Dylan
    7. What Do I Care – Johnny Cash
    8. Man Of Constant Sorrow – Bob Dylan