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Lee Perry Soul On Fire Vinyl Album

Lee Perry Soul On Fire Vinyl Album

Format: 2LP

Bar-code: 5060403742568

Cat No: NOT2LP256


An artist gifted with brilliant yet revolutionary ideas often finds himself embarking on a road beset with frustration and emotional turmoil. Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry is such a man. Hailed as a wayward genius from his earliest days, he pioneered many of the recording techniques which underpinned the Jamaican reggae movement that shocked, and then enchanted the music world. A powerful presence and a remarkable personality, ‘Scratch’ would become famed for his creative influence on many charismatic performers who became international stars. Let’s celebrate his musical achievements through the medium of this double LP, packed with extraordinary performances. Welcome to a world of hypnotic themes, haunting vocals, strange effects and crafty rhythms.

Lee Perry Soul On Fire Vinyl Album

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    LP 1 SIDE 1

    1. Return Of The Super Ape – Lee Perry & The Upsetters
    2. Roast Fish & Corn Bread – Lee Perry
    3. Scratch The Dub Organizer – The Upsetters
    4. Soul Fire – Lee Perry
    5. In The Iaah – The Upsetters

    LP 1 SIDE 2

    1. Scratch Walking – Lee Perry & The Upsetters
    2. The Lion – Lee Perry & The Upsetters
    3. Psyche & Trim – Lee Perry
    4. High Ranking Sammy – Lee Perry & The Upsetters
    5. Tell Me Something Good – The Upsetters

    LP 2 SIDE 1

    1. Dyon Anaswa – The Upsetters
    2. Bird In Hand – The Upsetters
    3. Stick Together – Lee Perry
    4. Curly Dub – The Upsetters
    5. Bless The Weed – Lee Perry

    LP 2 SIDE 2

    1. Crab Years – Lee Perry & The Upsetters
    2. Throw Some Water In – Lee Perry
    3. Long Sentence – Lee Perry
    4. Huzza A Hana – The Upsetters
    5. Jah Jah A Natty Dread – The Upsetters

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