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Neil Young Time Fades Away 50 Clear Vinyl Album

Neil Young Time Fades Away 50 Clear Vinyl Album



It is impossible to pinpoint when a new album will become a classic. And while sometimes there are signals, often such a designation comes as a complete surprise. When Neil Young's 1973 live album release TIME FADES AWAY arrived, it was obviously a left-field surprise. It was recorded with the Stray Gators, and featured previously unreleased songs. At a time when the Young's popularity was surging following his highly successful studio album HARVEST, the new live album raised questions marks and even Young responded at the time, "TIME FADES AWAY was the worst record I ever made, but as a door of what was happening to me it was a great record." In so many ways, this music is the perfect window on the unpredictable trajectory of one of rock & roll's true pioneers. TIME FADES AWAY 50 will be released on limited edition clear vinyl only this November 3, via Reprise Records. This definitive 9 song iteration of the album contains a bonus track of “Last Trip To Tulsa,” which originally appeared on Archives Vol.1 Box set but here now on vinyl only for the first time.

Neil Young Time Fades Away 50 Clear Vinyl Album

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  • Side A

    01 Time Fades Away

    02 Journey Through The Past

    03 Yonder Stands The Sinner

    04 L.A.

    05 Love In Mind


    Side B:

    01 Don’t Be Denied

    02 The Bridge

    03 Last Dance

    04 The Last Trip To Tulsa (50th Anniversary Bonus Track)

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