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The Charlatans Modern Nature (Transparent Yellow Edition) Vinyl Album

The Charlatans Modern Nature (Transparent Yellow Edition) Vinyl Album



Colour vinyl reissue of ‘Modern Nature’, the 12th studio album by iconic British rock band the Charlatans. Originally released in January 2015. The album charted at number 7 in the UK, and number 25 in Ireland.

After the release of the band's 11th studio album ‘Who We Touch’ (2010), drummer Jon Brookes was diagnosed with brain cancer, and subsequently died in mid-2013. In early 2014, the band met up at their studio Big Mushroom with Jim Spencer, and began working on the album. The sessions lasted seven months, and featured recordings from the drummers of the Verve, New Order, and Factory Floor. Described as a pop album, ‘Modern Nature’ featured contributions from the High Llamas frontman Sean O'Hagan, as well as gospel vocals from Melanie Marshall and Sandra Marvin. The band will be touring across the UK through November and December this year.

The Charlatans Modern Nature (Transparent Yellow Edition) Vinyl Album

  • Side 1:

    1. Talking in Tones

    2. So Oh

    3. Come Home Baby

    4. Keep Enough

    5. In the Tall Grass

    6. Emilie


    Side 2:

    1. Let the Good Times Be Never Ending

    2. I Need You to Know

    3. Lean In

    4. Trouble Understanding

    5. Lot to Say

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