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Dasha What Happens Now? Orange Vinyl Album

Dasha What Happens Now? Orange Vinyl Album


Pre Order 9th August


Introspective and alluring are just a few of the prolific ways artist and songwriter Dasha has been described. Armed with a passion for telling her true story, Dasha has just released herdebut country album, What Happens Now? The focus track, “Austin” has created a phenomenon online with millions of people engaging with the accompanying line dance and the sound gaining over 10 billion Views on TikTok. The New York Times has even named ‘Austin’ “one of the signature country songs of the year.” Dasha’s delicate delivery paired with her audacious and unapologetic artistry allows the rising star to “win the hearts of listeners everywhere” (Country Swag), a feat proven by amassing over 400 million career streams to date

Dasha What Happens Now? Orange Vinyl Album

    • What Happens Now?
    • 42
    • Drown Me
    • Austin (Boots Stop Workin’)
    • King of California
    • Talk of the Town
    • Even Cowboys Cry
    • Share This City 
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